Watching a movie at the cinemas can be nice ideally if nothing goes wrong. Watching Iron Man and Captain America slug it out on your laptop is not quite the same experience when you see the superheroes battling on the gigantic screen.

However, as we know this is Nigeria and many things can go wrong even in the cinemas when you just want to watch a good movie.

It is no secret that Nigerians are lousy when watching movies. It is even more terrible when we are watching a movie in a cinema. Nigerians do not know how to keep quiet which ruins the movie experience for other people in the movie hall.

First of all, we have the guy on the phone. There is always a guy in the cinema hall who is always on his phone and very loud. His ringtone is annoying and he speaks at the top of his lungs to the other person on the phone. He doesn't care if he is spoiling the movie for everyone. All he does is to be on his phone and have a meaningless conversation while the movie is being shown.

We also have the couple with relationship problems. Have you ever sat beside a couple with relationship problems in the cinema? Trust me, it is a very annoying experience. They think they speak in hushed tones about their problems but trust people sitting close to them can hear them.

Apart from these two sets of people, chatty teenage girls in cinema halls are also a problem. They never shut up. They are always chatting and squealing when people want to watch a movie. They are a total buzz kill.

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Then we have the person who asks too many questions. There is always that person who asks questions about the movie that people are watching at that moment- total buzz kill. For some people, it is hard to keep quiet and just enjoy the movie.

Let's not forget the hot babe whose WhatsApp notification goes off every two minutes and does not bother to put her phone in silent mode. Babes like this are also in the habit of taking selfies when the movie is on also.

Cinemas are springing up all over the country but the cinema experience is still a struggle until cinema owners come up with the idea of wireless headphones for each movie goer.