A young man was found roaming around the premises of City Gate Church, Benin, in Edo state, stark naked.

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Following his discovery on Monday, September 19, he confessed that he was a witch and was flying over the church from Delta State when an unknown force pulled him down.

Church workers who came to the church were shocked to find the man as soon as they opened the gate.

The witnesses revealed that they were beyond surprised when they found the man in the church premises since the gate was locked the previous day and the fences armed with sharp blades and barbed wires.

According to the witnesses, there was no logical explanation as to how the man made his way into the church compound.

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The unidentified man said:

“It was passed 10 pm in the night when the spirit led me and I started hearing a voice and I entered the here [the church] and discovered it was locked.

“Then I said, I can go back again. It’s the work of God.”

Watch the strange video below: