Cash Money rapper Drake has just scored a new shoe deal with the famous Nike and Air Jordan companies. The rapper excitedly announced his novel fashion step up at his concert yesterday, Nov. 4, in Portland – which also happens to be the headquarters for Nike.

Drake is now an official business partner with Basketball legend, Michael Jordan thanks to his appealing music, huge fan base and love for shoes.

In front of his Portland fans, Drake confessed how delighted he was over the news, "Today I came to Portland, and I officially became inducted into the Team Jordan family." Drake said, “Today is one of the best days of my life” he added.

Even though it’s unclear when his new shoes will hit the markets, the rapper went straight to post a shot of his special OVO Air Jordans to his Instagram page. [side photo]This brilliant move for Drake however comes in the wake of Kanye West revealing that he recently pulled out of a deal with Nike because they wouldn't give him royalties on his shoes. According to TMZ, ‘the terms of Drake's deal with the swoosh have not been released’.