When I met Uche at a friend's birthday party and we started dating, he told me he was into the importation of cars from Europe and Asia. He would travel out of the country for many months and by the time he gets back, he would have brought in several cars which he sold off.

But when we got married, I began to notice that his business is not all so clean after all. The first thing I noticed which really shook me was that anytime he was in the country, he would be entertaining some characters at odd times and whenever those men came around, they would lock themselves in a room he told me never to enter.

They would be there drinking and smoking till very late when they would all go out. When they come back, they would sneak into the house and go to that particular room. When I insist he tells me what they do in that room and where he and his friends go, Uche will flare up and tell me to as long as he is providing for the family.

But my suspicions were confirmed when I noticed blood stains in some parts of the house one day when Uche was away. I called in a carpenter who helped me to pick the door to that sacred room and when I got in, I almost fainted as I saw a cache of weapons; guns, bullets, bullet-proof vests and even charms.

That was when it dawned on me that Uche was into armed robbery. The last time he came back, I also noticed blood stains on the cars before his boys washed them off and repainted them.

I am scared and I know that Uche would not hesitate to kill me if he ever finds out that I know what he and his friends do. How do I escape from him? Should I secretly tip the police?


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, what do you think Vivian should do about her shocking findings?