'My wife's family want to run my home for me'

Seye is not happy that even after marriage, Aramide's parents have refused to allow him run his home his way.

This worried man needs advice (Illustration)

I met my wife through my younger sister who was her classmate at a private university and right from the first day, I was made to understand that she comes from a very pampered background where house helps did everything in the house.

I got to realize that even at her age (she was 27 when we met), Aramide could not make a pot of soup. She could not wash her clothes, even her underwear because the helps did everything for her and her siblings.

Even when she was in school, the helps went there once a week to pick up her dirty clothes to wash for her and brought cooked food for her so she would not have to cook for herself.

But I was madly in love with her and overlooked these faults. We spoke at length and she agreed to get some training from my sisters on how to do some home chores and cook food but when her mother heard of it, she went ballistic.

She called me to her house and gave me a real dressing, warning me to stay off her daughter if I could not cope with her. I had to apologize and promise her it would not repeat itself.

We got married shortly after that and that was when it dawned on me that I had blindly led myself into trouble because instead of my wife changing, she has become worse.

She expects me to treat her the way her parents did. Though they gave us one of their house helps to live with us, I still find it difficult to understand why they want to run my home for me.

Aramide's mother comes over almost on a daily basis, calls her every hour to ask her how she is doing and whether I am taking care of her. I remember the day my wife called me at work to say she had a cold and that I should come home.

I told her to take some tablets and sleep and that I would come home when I closed from work. Barely five minutes later, her mother called me and lambasted me on the phone, ordering me to go home and take of her daughter.

There was nothing she did not tell me that day. She abused me and my generation as if I was the one who gave her daughter the cold.

I have tried to let my wife know she is a married woman and should try and handle her home instead of always running to her parents but the situation still gets worse.

I can't count the number of times the mother and her siblings have come to my house to insult me simply because I told my wife to make the bed or learn how to prepare my food.

I am totally fed up and the good thing is that we do not have a child yet.


Dear readers, this is another case of parents who would not want their children to live their lives. On Morning Teaser today, what do you Seye should do in the situation?


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