"Dear Pulse,

My name is , a 28-year-old man. I got married to a 41-year-old woman two years ago but today, and I wish every day I did not allow myself to be misled into marrying .

I know many of you will blame me for this but when I met to Henrietta, she was the sweetest woman I had ever met. She did not allow the fact that she was older than me stop her from giving me the respect I deserved as a man.

I met her at the birthday party of one of my female colleagues that I was invited to. My colleague, , was a manager in our office but she had a liking for me and was always sharing her problems with me.

She was well into her 30s but she was not married though she had three children for different men. She lived big and most of her friends were rich single ladies or single mothers who had a liking for younger men.

When Amanda introduced me to her friends at the indoor party, Henrietta did not hide the fact that she had an interest in me. Though she looked quite young and carried herself well, I knew she was much older than I was.

In fact, she was 38 then but she could pass for a 25-year-old lady. She was quite pretty and oozed affluence. We got talking and at the end of the party, she took me to her house in the Parkview area of Lagos where I spent the weekend.

When I was leaving for my place, Henrietta gave me the sum of N100, 000 with the promise of more to come as long as I stay with her and would not hurt her.

I got to know she was an oil and gas contractor and made good money. She had several trucks she used to make supplies to big companies, owned a big boutique and other businesses.

Despite her wealth, Henrietta did not carry herself as my superior and that made me fall in love with her.

She made me resign from my company and manage some of her businesses. To be sure I was hers alone, Henrietta made me move into her house so, according to her, she would keep her eyes on me for fear of other ladies.

I was thanking God over my good fortunes because I was now in money, drove choice cars and could afford to send good things to my family.

After living together or six months, Henrietta asked that I should marry her, promising that everything she has will become mine.

I did not know that she was setting a trap for me because shortly after we got married, Henrietta changed and her attitude became something else.

She would remind me at every opportunity that I should be grateful to her for picking me up from the gutters and changing my life.

The next she did was to restrict me from most things in the house; her cars became no-go areas for me; I had to beg her for money to move around and at a point, she stopped me from entering the bedroom, unless she wanted me to have sex with her which were now becoming very irregular.

Then she began making me wash her clothes including her underwears, make clean the house, cook and serve her food.

the final straw was when she started bringing men to sleep with her in the house and when they are done, she would send me to the room to change the bedsheet, throw away the used condoms and tissue paper they used in cleaning themselves.

She has stopped my friends and family members from visiting and I had to take permission from her before going out. When I protested the sudden disgrace she was meting to me, my wife told me she owned me and could do anything she wanted.

I did not know what that statement meant until I confided in an older relative who told me she had had me bottled and unless a spiritual battle in waged, I may not be free from her.

As it is now, I am in deep trouble and do not know how to free myself from this devil.


Dear readers, after going through Davies's traumatic story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think he should do in this dilemma?