But the snag in my seemingly settled life is who does not want to let go and has promised me thunder and brimstone if I dump her.

I am in a serious dilemma now as I want to put an end to the silly affair but Biola would not hear of it, even the threat of reporting her to her husband was met with scorn as she told me that she has her husband in her palms and he would never believe me.

She has even threatened to deal with Sola, my fiancee and has vowed that the wedding will not hold.

I met Biola at an 'Owambe' party that my friends from work invited me to some time last year.

Just like the typical Yoruba party, there was a lot of money spraying going on and Biola was at the forefront competing with other women to see who would outshine the other. They must have sprayed well over N5 million on the spot to the admiration of the crowd.

When I asked my friend Ademola who she was, he told me she was a very big trader with shops in different markets in Lagos. He also said she was a big time politician and handled government contracts.

Ademola who knew her was to later introduce Biola to me and we exchanged numbers. I was surprised when she called me two days later that I should meet her at a guest house as she had a business to discuss with me.

When I met her, the discussion was not about business whatsoever as she told me she liked me and would want to have a relationship with her. I asked if she was married and she said though she was, she was in charge of her home and husband.

She promised to help me get some contracts with the government and some top politicians as well as giving me loads of money.

Thinking that I had nothing to lose but so much to gain in going into a relationship with Biola, I accepted but told her I would soon get married and she told me that she does not have any problem with that and that whenever i wanted to get married, she would even sponsor the wedding.

But barely one year after we began the secret affair, Biola has refused to let me live my life. She wants me at her beck and call, monitors my movements and gets angry whenever I fail to go and see her.

When I told her the date for my wedding had been fixed, I saw that she was not happy with it and has told me she would never let me go. When I remind her of her promise, she told me to shut up and behave myself.

She has threatened to harm me and Sola and that not even the police can do anything to her. I know she can do it as she has the means to buy the police over but for how long will I continue in this dangerous relationship?


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we want you to advice Prince on what he should do in this dangerous predicament he has found himself in.