I know what I did is unpardonable and I don't know where to start if she ever gets to know because she would be so hurt that she would dump me immediately.

The mess I have found myself in at the moment is so nasty that I even fear if Tutu would ever forgive me.

You see, I am not a saint, neither do I claim to be perfect but then, I know I went into the mess with my eyes wide open.

I met Sally on a dating site on the Internet and we started communicating for months before we decided to meet up. Many of my friends had told me of their escapades with women they meet on the social media and I also wanted to experience the thrill of that.

So after we had fixed a date, I told my wife I was travelling out of Lagos on behalf of my company and went straight to the hotel we had booked for our rendezvous.

The four days I spent with Sally was one I only read about in romance novels or watched in X-rated movies because it was all about sex, sex and more sex.

In the process, Sally told me one of her fantasy was having a and urged us to capture everything on video.

Little did I know that I was putting myself in the hands of a professional blackmailer because just a week after, Sally called that she needed N100,000 or she would put up the sex tape on social media and send it to my wife and pastor.

I begged her that I did not have such money on me but she gave me two days to look for the money or she would carry out her threat.

I borrowed money from my office and sent to her, thinking that would be the end of it but she has been making demands and threats almost weekly and it is really tearing me apart.

I have confided in friends and some have suggested kidnapping her and forcing her to hand over the tape, while others have even suggested I kill her but I would never shed blood over that.

My closest friend, , has said the best solution is to confess to my wife and beg for her forgiveness but knowing Tutu very well, that would be the end of our marriage.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we want you to advise Charles on how he should handle this situation.