But I am not a happy woman at the moment because my closest friend, , stole my husband, , after I accommodated her when her marriage broke.

I know as a Muslim, my husband is entitled to marry more than one wife as long as he can take care of them and love all of them equally but

Dije and I had been childhood friends and we did everything together right from when we were little girls. Our parents were distant relatives as we related as sisters since we were almost the same age.

We went to the same secondary school and people thought we were sisters which we were literary. There was nothing we kept from one another and we shared secrets including which guy was toasting us.

After our secondary school, we got into a polytechnic and that was where I met Suleiman, the son of a very rich man who did not hide his intention to get married to me from the first day we met.

As it is with our culture, I did not have much say because his parents went to my family and requested for my hand in marriage and in my final year, we had our Nikah with Dije being my maid of honour.

It was at my wedding that Dije met Mustapha who was Suleiman's close friend and six months later, they also got married. Our joys were fulfilled as we both moved from being close friends to being married to friends.

But eight years after, Dije and Mustapha divorced and with no place to stay, she had to move in with us pending when she would be able to sort herself out.

Little did I know that I was going to regret my act of kindness because barely five months after coming into our house, Suleiman informed me that he was going to take a second wife.

As a Muslim woman who knows the tenets of Islam, I could not tell him not to and there was no way I could be angry at his decision but I only asked him to tell me who the woman was and he shocked me by saying he wanted to get married to Dije.

I was aghast and told him he was joking and when I asked Dije, she answered offhandedly that they were in love and would get married. She even had the guts to tell me it would be lovely for us to be married to the same man.

Their parents have agreed to the marriage which will take place in two weeks' time but I am very angry at how the two people I loved and trusted could treat me this way.


Dear readers, this is another case of extreme betrayal by a sister and husband and Khadija is really confused. On Morning Teaser today, we want you to advise her on what to do.