"Dear Pulse,

My name is , a 28-year-old woman who just got married six months ago but now,because my husband, , is definitely not the man I thought he was.

I met Don in our church after he was transferred to Lagos about a year ago. Don immediately became the cynosure of all eyes and the ladies went over the moon over him.

Apart from being very handsome and hunky, he was also very religious and quickly became a reference point and our pastor's favourite with his commitment to the things of the Lord.

He joined the choir and serenaded the congregation every day with his bass tone. He was a prayer warrior and led many prayer meetings. Above all these, he was one of the highest donors whenever a donation or sowing of seed was called.

I was surprised the day he told me the Holy Spirit had revealed to him that I was going to be his wife. It was the most lovely surprise I had ever received and while I pretended to be coy and shy, I was gloating inside.

However, I told him I will pray about it but deep down, I had already accepted his proposal. He told the head pastor about the revelation and when the pastor called me to his office and asked if Don had told me about his proposal, I also told him I would pray about it.

One thing in my church is that sex before marriage is frowned upon and any member caught in such an act is excommunicated, so we began a Christian courtship with the restriction in mind.

I now regret it all because I would have done everything to make sure we were compatible when it comes to sex. I mean, I am a young woman who had experimented with sex and sure know the sweetness of sex.

But I did all I could to abide by the rule, believing that we would have all the sex we want after getting married. But how wrong I was because I now know better?

The problem started on our wedding night when we retired to our bedroom. I had a dream of my newly wedded husband making love to me like it would go out of fashion having waited for that long.

But I was hugely disappointed when I first saw Don's manhood. It looked like the penis of a 10-year-old boy when fully erect. I was disgusted but then, I thought he would be able to use it but when he came into me and while I tried to adjust to the little thing inside me, Don grunted and was done within a minute.

When he rolled off me, I looked at him and saw satisfaction written all over him and that was when it dawned on me that I was in trouble.

Since that day, I have been frustrated with sex with my husband and I often wondered what the future of my marriage holds for me.

I am a woman and I need sex from my husband but from the look of things, it is not going to happen. I have talked with him, begged him to try some penis enlargement creams, see a doctor, just anything to improve our sex life but my husband believes that since he gives me everything, I should also cope with his inability to perform in bed.

I have thought of getting a man to satisfy me in bed but that is against my belief and our church frowns against a divorce.

I am seriously worried as I know I cannot cope with this frustration for long.


Dear readers, we all know that sex in a marriage is very important and some of the problems couples have borders on sex. But on Morning Teaser today, what would you advise Lauretta to do?