I actually met Amaka through Chigozie as they are from the same hometown. It was after my fiancee, Ndidi, had dumped me for another man after few months to our wedding. I was very depressed and had vowed never to have anything to do with another woman.

But my parents and friends were putting pressure on me to forget Ndidi and get a woman to marry. Preparations were being made by my mother to get a wife for me when Chigozie introduced me to Amaka.

We had been close friends right from the time were apprentices in the popular Ladipo Spare Parts Market and we got our freedom almost at the same time and we set up our businesses in the same market.

We decided to go into a partnership where we would pull our money together and travel to China to buy goods. The business grew rapidly and we expanded and opened shops in Alaba, Idumota, and Onitsha.

So when Chigozie introduced Amaka to me and told me she was a very good homely girl, I had no doubts that he had good intentions for me. I grew to love Amaka and found it very comfortable to stay with her. She also proved to be a good lady who also loved me very deeply.

After dating for one year, we got married both traditionally and in the church. And it had all been rosy till Chigozie went to a church program and allegedly gave his life to Christ.

Then came the bomb when he invited me to the church and in the presence of the pastor, confessed that he had been sleeping with my wife. He also said that he was sure one out of our two children belonged to him.

I almost ran mad at the revelation and could have harmed him if not for the pastor and other church workers around who held me back. The pastor pleaded with me to forgive Chigozie since he has confessed and apologized.

When I got home, I called Amaka's two elders sisters who live in Lagos and in her presence, told them what Chigozie had told me.

My wife broke down and confessed that she did not know how Chigozie managed to hoodwink her into sleeping with him. She also confessed that our second child, a boy, actually belonged to her lover.

Her sisters pleaded with me to forgive her and not expose her but I have still found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that my wife was sleeping with my best friend. I have not told members of my family yet but I know I will do so soon.

How can I live with a woman who betrayed me that much?


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we want you to put yourselves in Ezechukwu's shoes and tell us what you would do in this situation.