"Dear Pulse,

My name is and I have been married for two years now but I think I have lost my husband to his mother. I have not enjoyed a single day of marriage due to interference from my husband's family, especially his mother.

I met when I was posted to Plateau State for my Youth Service. He had schooled in England and only came back home to participate in the service. When we met, it was love at first sight and the whirlwind romance culminated into our getting engaged.

But while we were dating, I noticed that Tunde, being an only son, never did anything without his mother's approval. He called her to ask about what to wear to an outing and am sure he must have sought her permission to propose to me.

From the first day she met me, his mother pointed out that Tunde was her life and blood and any woman he gets married to must be someone she approves us, so I was quite happy that she accepted me.

But shortly after our marriage, I knew I was in for one hell of trouble because she insisted we live in the family's palatial home in Ikoyi. At first, I tried to protest but since mummy had decreed, my husband had no say.

I was not to work neither could I go anywhere without her approval. My husband too proved to be a mummy's boy because anything I did was compared to what his mother would do better and must meet her standards. My food was scrutinized and being an Igbo woman, I could never prepare the kinds of meals she wanted.

She then stopped me from cooking and after a while, my husband spent more and more time in her wing and I was relegated to the background.

The last straw that broke my back was when my told me categorically that I had to leave her son because I was never good enough. My husband has not put up any defence for me, instead, he says mummy will decide my fate.

I am fed up and want to leave but will I be taking the right decision?



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