Don't get me wrong, I do not mean that the fact she was not a virgin is what got me angry but her deceitfulness and lies into making me think she was what she was not. I would not have minded if she was not a virgin, in fact, I am not crazy about meeting a virgin but the manner she carried out is what is making me mad.

I met Jennifer about two years ago when I was transferred from my Abuja office to Lagos. I met her in a new Pentecostal church one of my colleagues forced me to attend. I did not go to the church with the intention of meeting a woman because I had a girlfriend back in Abuja though the relationship was not that serious.

Jennifer was the worship leader and her carriage, voice, and dedication were what captivated me but I did not have any ulterior motives towards her though I found myself always thinking of her and going back to the church again and again so as to see her.

With time, I got her attention and we became friends. She was always engaging in one evangelism activity or the other and was known as very pious and dedicated in the things of God. When I asked her out, she told me she would only agree to a Christian courtship as accepted by the pastor.

I accepted and we started courting but she laid down the rules: there was to be no sex, romance or even kissing. She told me she was a virgin and would keep her herself for her husband. Though this did not sit well with me, because I loved her so much and really wanted to marry her, I agreed and endured for the two years we dated.

But on our wedding night, I got a shocker as the lady I expected to meet intact was as wide as a prostitute and even the moans and moves she exhibited showed she was more worldly wise than I was.

When I questioned her, she confessed that she was actually not a virgin but that she decided to tell me that because she did not want me to use and dump her as other men had done in the past.

She also revealed how she had to undergo three abortions in the past and was not sure I really wanted to marry her.

I am still shocked and angry at her and I want advice from your readers before I do anything stupid.


Dear readers, the ball is in your courts. On Morning Teaser today, we want you to advice Leonard on what to do in this situation.