I don't know the whole thing started but I think and I just drifted apart two years ago, after our second child was born. We just stopped having sex regularly and even when I tried to find out what was happening to us, Dayo would tell me he was either tired or disturbed and sex is the last thing on his mind.

In fact, I would count myself lucky if we made love once in a month; then it could go to two or three months, before my husband would touch me. At a point, I was forced to confide in his best friend and instead of the situation improving, Dayo got mad that I reported him to his friend and to punish me the more, he went six good months without touching me.

I begged and pleaded with my husband to revive our once vibrant sex life but to no avail. It was later I got to realise that Dayo was actually sleeping with different women outside. Close friends advised that I should watch my weight and sexy clothes, all in the bid to win back my husband but the more I tried, Dayo would not look at my side.

It is not that I have lost all my beauty because even after two children, I am still good to go but my husband has practically turned me into an old cargo. But my boss does not think so as he still flirts with me, chases me around and practically makes me feel like a young girl.

I had vowed never to cheat on my husband but Dayo is pushing me into the arms of my boss and other men who have been angling to have me.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we want you to advise Ynika on how to handle this dicey situation she has found herself in.