I know his family, especially his mother have been on his neck to give them a male child, with all of them blaming me for .

My explanations that it is the man that deposits a male child in a woman fell on deaf ears as they kept making my life a living hell.

Samuel, on the other hand, did not show much concern about our situation and always told them that he was happy with his female children, arguing that there was nothing male children could do that female children could not do.

Little did I know that he was just playing to the gallery to make me feel comfortable and lose guard before he struck me the debilitating blow.

I noticed that he began staying away from home since the beginning of this year, often claiming heavy workload. Suddenly, his business trips became more frequent and whenever I complained, he would tell me he was doing all that for the children and that we will all be happy in the end.

The truth finally dawned on me when one of his cousins who had been my supporter all along called me one day to inform me that my husband was getting married to a woman from his village.

At first, I did not want to believe , thinking it was one of those pranks she often played on me.

But when I asked her for more details, Chisom told me that the woman was specially picked for Samuel by his mother and that they had done the wine carrying ceremony and they were getting married the traditional way.

She was surprised that my husband did not tell me all along. I was mad at the news, not only because Samuel was getting married to another woman but doing everything behind my back.

I knew his mother and family had finally succeeded but at least, he should have had the decency of informing me to avoid my finding out from other people.

When I called him to find out from him, he shamelessly confirmed the fact and told me the woman was already pregnant and the right thing for him to do was to get married to her.

It has been one week since the marriage took place and Samuel will be back to Lagos with the woman soon but I have told him the house will not accommodate the two of us.

I have made it clear to him that he must get another apartment for her while he has declared that I will have to either accept the woman or pack out of his house.


Dear readers, this is another case of betrayal of trust by a husband on his faithful wife. On Morning Teaser today, we want you to tell Amaka what she should in the situation she has found herself in.