"Dear Pulse,

My name is , a 26-year-old lady. I live in Abuja and I have been here for three years. I was actually posted here for my youth service and I decided to live here. My decision to live here was made possible by a top politician I was dating.

He rented my apartment in Asokoro area and furnished it to taste, placing me on a huge monthly allowance and a car to go with it. But all these came a with a proviso: I was not to date any other man or he would withdraw all the goodies I was enjoying from him.

In return, I was to be at his beck and call, satisfying him in bed whenever he wanted.

I was not worried about this because nd I made sure he got the best of it. Even when he requested for anal sex, I did not think twice because of what I was enjoying from him.

I am sure his wife would cringe at some of the things I was doing to him. I had to call off my relationship with my fiance who just waiting for me to finish my service so we could get married.

I had moved from the average girl to a wild, sex and party freak, all because of the money and material things I was getting.

But now, all those things are gradually slipping from me because my man who is now a Senator, has decided to dump me and moved on to other ladies.

What is more painful is that he decided to send me out of my mansion, collected the car and withdrew the allowance he had placed me on.

I have now been left in the cold as other girls are the ones reaping where they did not sow. The painful thing is that I did not save for the rainy day as I was busy spending my money on frivolous things.

My friends have all abandoned me since I have fallen from my pedestal. I have also lost on another front because my fiance moved on and got married to another woman.

I am so hurt that I want to expose the cheat of a man.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we want you to advice Ethel on what to do.