A Nigerian lady whose money has been trapped in the controversial

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Such measures, according to the lady, include using diabolical means to kill the MMM front man, Mavrodi, her guide and the person who referred her to the scheme.

Treasure is banking on her father whom she claims is a renown native doctor in their hometown and has the power to transmute to Mavrodi's base in Russia and kill him if the money she paid in is not returned to her.

Read what Treasure posted on her Instagram page:

"Hello Mavrodi, you can't eat my money and go like that. See let me tell you, my father is a native doctor.

I give you 2 weeks to pay my money or my father will kill you in Russia.

Support, make you Mavrodi sees this message. I am ready to kill anybody including my guider and referral.

Make una no play with me oooo."

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The threat from this frustrated lady is another in the line of exasperated Nigerians following the controversies that has surrounded the Ponzi scheme, beginning with the freezing of its account in December 2016, with a promise to resume in January 2017, and start paying its participants.

But that promise has not been fulfilled even after the account was reopened, causing a lot of participants to become discontent with the constant excuses being given.