The decision of one of Uganda's top music acts, Ronald Ssemawere who is popularly called Guvnor Ace, to marry a 75-year-old Swedish woman, Mona Lisa Larsson, has not gone down well with his country people, with some calling him a gold digger and an opportunist.

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According to reports in that country's media, the singer's marriage to the woman who has grandchildren as old as he is, caused a lot of social media frenzy with some accusing him of wanting to fleece the old lady while others are supporting him for being true to his heart to marry the love of his life.

But the star singer says he is not bothered by any criticism of his choice of a wife as the older woman makes him happy and his family accept her.

He sent this message to his fans and well wishers:

“All my well wishers on my wedding, thanks for all the messages. Words can’t say enough but Jah bless.”