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Things are getting tougher,no doubt,but the means through which many have decided to survive is more dangerous or risky than the very life that surrounds one.

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The eyes of desperation play

The eyes of desperation


Malls and eat-outs have been turned into stakeouts for prostitutes.   


Prostitution is one of the oldest profession known to man. It has been recognised as an essential provision in every state that, like institutions or organizations, prostitutes and prostitution have a mode of operation. There is the existence of marked territories, and there are organizations whose function is to protect the interest of a group that wishes to be identified as prostitutes.

It is a known fact that, prostitutes and prostitution exist everywhere one goes. Before, this group of people lived outside a state or city; on the outskirts, in a community, where their services are sought-after, but with time, they dwelt in a house (popularly known as whore houses) in communities that allowed their activities because of the services they rendered, but with time, they lived among people, and they boldly walked and worked the streets at night, with no form of harassment.

Fortunately, in most countries, prostitution has been recognised as a profession, prostitutes are made to carry their identification cards: after all, they live up to their expectations: they pay their rents, bills or tax to the government of those states. On the other hand, most countries are yet to come to terms with prostitutes and prostitution.

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They try to become whoever they desperately emulate... play

They try to become whoever they desperately emulate...



One cannot refute the fact that prostitution is a multi-million dollar business all around the world. If such business doesn’t yield much income, people would certainly not troop into it, every second? There would not be problem of human-trafficking which is a huge challenge all around the world,there wouldn’t be strippers club, brothel, sex club and much more.

On the internet, pornography, sex zones, and internet prostitution sites wouldn’t drive crazy traffic. It is obvious that the demand for prostitutes is very high, higher than the demand for food. Apparently, most men and women would often want to scratch an itch, and they know exactly where to get scratched. In summary, for many (men and women), prostitution is a means to an end: survival.

Oftentimes, arguments arise that, prostitution is not a choice because of the state of an economy. But on the other hand, there are men and women who live in the same geographical zone, and survive without getting themselves involved in prostitution; this alone faults or flaws whatever theory that backs prostitutes or prostitution up.

Formerly, prostitutes operate in their whore houses, on the streets at night, night clubs, strippers club, and much more. Most of them are too scared to be seen by other people or family members. But today, the case is different, prostitutes operate from or at different places: churches, work places (women are given the option of prostituting themselves to get clients), in malls, and other public places, during the day.

The internet is a huge space for prostitutes, and it provides an enabling platform for advertisement of prostitution, for little or no cost.

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Many Nigerian Prostitutes in Italy play

Many Nigerian Prostitutes in Italy

(Information Nigeria)


Prostitution in Nigeria

Nigeria is currently witnessing what is called an ‘out-break’ of prostitution. This is because, young people who are as young as fifteen are involved in prostitution or human trafficking. Nigeria is a country where some cultures allow girls who are as young as twelve to get married to men who are as old as ninety. Nigeria is now a destination for pedophiles, because there are no laws guiding our young women, unlike those areas where it is a crime to go out with a minor.

Roaming Eyes

Usually, activities of prostitutes are more pronounced at night, but today, it is different. At any given time, at malls, their market is on display: in front of cafes, seated and sipping a drink, while their eyes are on the move. They walk around in nothing but their provocative outlines. At eateries; they pretend to get a bite, their eyes are on the look-out. At the parking lot, they stand very close to a flashy car, on the look-out for a pick-up. They strategically mark their territory and as well, sell whatever they have to.

Although Nigeria is said to be ranked as one of the African countries with the highest population, unemployment rate, poverty rate, death rates, and so on. The fact still remains that, there are more than a million people who work towards makings ends meet. Prostitution should in most cases not be considered as an option for survival or a means to an end.

As Nigeria is speculated to be poor, there are a line of bountiful opportunities which are yet to be harnessed or explored. Nigeria is one county that is overflowing with positive minded people, who work extremely hard to achieve whatever they wish to achieve.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, Nigeria is one African country that is filled with some people who struggle with the problem of self identity. Nigeria is also a hyped space; where some people want to be placed on a particular level, and as a result, they would certainly go to any extent to make it.

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The practice has been linked to human trafficking and modern-day slavery. play

The practice has been linked to human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

(The Guardian Nigeria)


In most cases, one see young minors; they try to become whoever they desperately emulate, not minding how that person got there or what it takes to be great. At these malls or eat-outs, their faces tell of nothing but long lost innocence of teenagers and adults, between the ages of fifteen to eighteen, twenty to thirty.


A young lady or man is born, and due to some circumstances beyond their control, they decide to use their bodies, in exchange for money. To some, this is understandable, but there are consequences to such actions or lifestyle. Prostitutes disappear every day, but nobody ask questions. On the other hand, there are diseases that are associated with such businesses.

These men and women, go with people who are unfamiliar to them, they rather do it than starve, not minding the dangers involved. On the other hand, there is the other group of women or men, who would rather do the deal than not slay

There is need for the government to curtail the activities of prostitutes in the country, especially in public places. It does not only give the country a bad image, it also gives reasons for more actions.

Written by Oluoma Udemezue.

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