Jecinta Adhiambo, a woman who caused outrage after a video of her having sex with a fish circulated online is in trouble for exposing her 5-year-old child to an indecent act.

Livid Kenyans took to social media to express their anger at her latest video and called for her arrest for molesting and tormenting the young boy.

Jecinta took to Facebook and Whatsapp to announce to her clients that a new hot video was out.


Several months ago she shocked many with the 'fish sex video' but remained largely unapologetic about the scandalous videos she makes.

Facing public backlash, she urged people to mind their business as she was busy making money.


“As you people shout out there that I am mad, I continue to make money. I am very much okay and I love what I am doing. You haven’t seen anything yet, wait till you see me do a serpent.” She told a local daily.