A peculiar people

While many of us are firm believers in the project Nigeria, others are vehement that the country should go the way of Britain and conduct a referendum whether we should stay together.

Kizito, at all times, try to force his position down our throats and his position is always the most informed, in his view.

So today, he is the one holding the forte and his first salvo got us all sitting up.

"I see this country breaking up sooner than later. We will soon go the way of the United Kingdom and hold a referendum where we will decide whether we will still live together in this ."

"What gives you such an opinion?" I asked.

"Is it not glaring for all to see? Do we need a soothsayer to tell us that we are ripe for a referendum? Just take a look at the antecedents of this country and tell me if we have a future together.

Imagine what is going on, where the politicians are the only ones who feed fat from the resources this country is blessed with? I am from the Niger-Delta where the larger wealth of this nation is gotten from but what have we got from it?

Our environment has been degraded, our waters are no more drinkable, we do not have good roads and basic amenities, yet the fat cats are the ones benefiting from our wealth."

"I thank God that someone sane enough has seen all the points I have been trying to bring up all the time. Isaac and his likes believe that Nigeria will get better one day but every other day, what we have are revelations of corruption in high places, so much that one prays to sleep and wake up in another country,"Kelvin said.

"Kelvin, don't get me wrong here. I am not saying that what is going on in the country is the best and that we should close our eyes to it. All I keep saying is that we will get out of the woods," I tried to defend myself but Tim thundered back.

"And when will this getting out of the wood be Isaac Dachen? The simple fact is that people like you believe that God will come down and sort our problems for us.

Take Saraki for instance. Is that the type of man that should be saddled with making laws for this country? In the past one year, tell me what the Senate has been able to achieve.

He has been indicted on several fronts and as the Senate President, is it not shameful that he should be going from one dock to the other?"

"But don't you think he is being hounded by the powers that be who did not want him to be Senate President in the first place?" Wash pointed out.

"That is neither here nor there. He has been charged with criminal offences and the honourable thing for him to do is either resign or step aside so that the courts can decide if he is innocent or not. But what does he do?

He goes from the chambers to the court every other day and as such, the job he was elected to do suffers," Kizito said.

"Don't make me laugh Kizito. Resign? Is that ever possible in Nigeria? We are not British. No one in Nigeria has ever resigned even if he is caught in a messy situation.

At such times, they will always find a way to play the victim. What happened to when he was indicted for bribery? Did he resign?"Tim said.

"Take a look at Ekiti State Governor. What does it take for a reasonable man who has the interest of his people to do? But not in this clime. We are a peculiar people," Kelvin said.

"Imagine a sitting governor enmeshed in such a monumental scandal with a bank, and all he keeps saying is that he is being victimized," Kizito fired.

"The problem with our country is that no one is ready to take the bull by the horns. All we need is a revolution," Kelvin insisted.

"Kelvin, you have mention this revolution more than a hundred times. I think it is time you bell the cat," I reminded him.

"You will not understand, Isaac, after all, you are a strong believer in one Nigeria and with people like you, who take whatever is thrown at you, Nigeria will remain the same," Kizito reminded me as well.

"Anyway, I still believe in my country and I am sure one day, we will get it right."

"And when will that day be?" Kizito fired.


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