Yesterday, Thursday, July 6, 2017, Pulse Gist reported on a

"It is a bare-bone site where you can see the evil men have done in this world by breaking the hearts of women," wrote Pulse in the first article about the site.

Curious to know who was behind the site that has some Nigerian ladies blasting their scum boyfriends, Pulse Gist tracked the owner. It was a simple task. A quick search on revealed the mastermind behind the project that is aiming to go viral.

Titus Salisu is the creator of the website and in a brief interview with Pulse Gist, he reveals his original idea. "It was actually created as a tool to report domestic violence, sexual abuse and other vices, but it seems the users prefer to talk about cheating and the likes," he says.

He further says "I was inspired to create it due to a personal experience."

On Twitter, you are bound to find out about the site if you follow the right people. The site has been gaining ground with users happy about its existence. "The feedback has been positive so far, it is also increasing in popularity by the minute," says Titus.

Does he believe men are indeed scum? The site creator gives a short answer. "Depends, most are."

Titus Salisu's next step is to turn the site into an app but he says he is taking it one step at a time.

For now, ladies feel free to blast your good for nothing ex on this site.