Her comment wasn’t the only comment that blasted the group of young women for smoking weed.

Others chimed in with phrases such as “wasted generation”, “sold their souls to the devil”, and “family values.”

A story about Nigerian women smoking weed might have come as a shock to these people because they haven’t realized that more Nigerian women are smoking more than ever before.

In May 2017, Pulse published an article on Nigerian women and consumption of marijuana. The article featured quotes from women who admitted they smoke weed and it’s now a part of their routine and lifestyle.

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To some, it's probably not a big deal anymore for a woman to smoke weed. Guys aren’t really tripped about chicks who indulge in the herb. Some even think it’s cool but there are some who believe that a woman who smokes weed is irresponsible and a slut.

In the cool kids club of social media, there is nothing wrong with a babe who blazes, it even increases her sex appeal. Mainstream Nigerian hasn’t woken up to this liberal way of thinking.

“They not ordinary, they are ashawoo confirm ashawoo” writes Hope Smith Tenssion on Facebook about the group of girls smoking. “Lack of home training,” writes Adedayo Adefisan also. These comments reflect the general thinking of conservatives in the country.

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What’s the big deal in a woman smoking weed? Apparently a whole lot. While a man can get away with smoking weed to some extent, society frowns on women who smoke. Although smoking cigarettes because of the health factors involved, people don’t generally tell Nigerian women to stop smoking because of the health risks but they believe it makes them look ‘morally loose’ and irresponsible.

Weed culture is popping with Nigerian youths and the women are not being left out. All across the world, the possession of weed is being decriminalized. Nigeria is very far off from making weed legal and from what we have seen, it is still a long way before women can smoke weed without being judged.