Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, has advised Christian husbands on a need to spice up their

The minister who spoke during a church service submitted that a line should be drawn between marriages and Christianity.

He believes the religion has been used to promote a dull relationship.

One of Williams' expections when it concerns Christian men include inviting their wives to meal dates as opposed to making them cook all the time.

“Some of the problems in the church with Christian women and their husbands is the fact that a lot of Christian men are not romantic. A lot of Christian men are very boring.

“One way, all the time; same place, all the time — always bedroom, always you turn the light off.

“Your wife cooks every day. You don’t take her out to lunch, you don't take her to dinner, you’re always doing Bible studies and prayer meetings.

“Marriage is not prayer meetings and Bible studies. Marriage is not spirituality. Marriage requires some things; you have to do some things. Christian brothers, wake up," the clergyman expressed during a sermon.

Social media users agree with Williams' statement

The comments offered by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams have received encouragement from Instagram users.

Many agreed with the minister's opinion concerning the responsibility of a man when it concerns making things more exciting in the bedroom.

Some of the comments also addressed women who were urged to ensure they maintain their looks even after birth.

This is considered a way of building romance in a relationship.