Open relationship are an anomaly from the usual monogamous relationships. It involves two people who agree to be together but accept other partners.

Sometimes in a relationship you crave something different, not because you love your partner any less, but because variety can be fun and let’s face it, monogamy isn’t natural or easy to adapt to. Varying sex drive, relationship of convenience, and distance are other reasons for entering the maze called ‘open relationships’. It works for some people so if you can’t understand it, so don’t criticize it.

The thing about open relationships is that it has an expiry date because as humans we are subject to emotions like jealousy and possessiveness. Venturing into this kind of relationship is a tricky adventure which can only happen between people who know exactly what they want from the relationship and can separate sex from emotions, if you can work with that, why not give it a shot.

Here are some guiding tips concerning open relationships.