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This week's episode of Loose Talk promises to be an all-time favourite as well as a must listen to.

The guest on this episode of Loose Talk is the popular on-air-personality who goes by the name Sensei Uche.

In his conversation with the Loose Talk Giants, he speaks on his childhood, musical background, his love for football and his involvement in the Gospel music scene during the days of Roof Top MCs.

During the convo, Uche Sensei speaks on how he broke into radio, developed his craft and maintained good relationships with Nigerian biggest artists while paving way for the new acts.

Uche Sensei who is also a very popular hypeman told AOT2, Osagz and Steve how he got into that line of business and what it really means to be a hypeman.

As interesting as all these topics are, nothing is greater than his captivating tale of how he found out that he had cancer.

On June 30, 2017, exactly a year ago, Uche Sensei came out on Instagram to appeal for funds for his cancer treatment in Istanbul, Turkey. Thanks to a lot of goodwill, he was able to raise the necessary funds for his treatment.

It was a race against time which Uche Sensei narrates emotionally on this episode. After his near death experience with cancer, the OAP speaks of the absence of a health system in Nigeria.

Now back on his feet, Uche Sensei has a new gig with HOT FM.

You surely don't want to miss this episode.