First to kick it up is poor Gladys, left him in the lurch last year. Koko is not in a happy mood and in his moment of frustration, he blurted out:

I queried.

he explains.

Kane, the man about town begins

Tito fires.

Koko is not relenting.

bad Kane says.

As the discussion goes on back and forth, it sets me thinking. In the dating world, the modern man continues to wrestle with this all-important question: Who should pay on a date?

Not so long ago, the answer to the “ but that’s not the case anymore. Evolving beliefs and social norms have muddied the water on who’s responsible for picking up the tab.

Today, every time the bill arrives, the guys must weigh their options carefully and proceed with caution; each decision not only influences the early stages of dating, but also affects the foundation of the entire relationship.

As a consequence, an egalitarian answer is always required.

My take on the issue is this:

In the beginning, there was man; similarly, in the beginning of the relationship, it is the man who pays. The first two to six months provide guys the opportunity to prove they’re solvent, capable and understand the social conventions of dating, - and all are three important qualities ladies will be looking for in a date.

During this time, as you pursue the relationship, you’ll be the one initiating the majority of the dates, (if she’s a “,” you should be initiating almost all of them), thus making it your duty to pick up the tab.

Please note that nowhere is this more crucial than on the first date; regardless of the situation, (she asks you, she insists on chipping in, you’re in purgatory), a true gentleman will unfailingly pay for the first date - it’s the honorable thing to do.

In this part of the world where a lady expects you to pick up all the bill including even her body cream, men should not make the mistake of thinking a woman will pay for anything, even if what she earns is five times your salary.

It is an inbuilt system that has been imbedded in them that a man must pay. After all, you are the man, they reason. So guys, you must always pay. Even if she suggests that she pays, be man enough to reject that because at the end of the day, she will have a new name for you, like ‘ or ‘ guy.

But there are exceptions to every rule anyway. There are some babes who know that once in a while, they can chip in some little change to help out; but they are rare to come by.

Even at the beginning of the relationship a woman tells you she is capable of taking care of herself, do not give in to the temptation of letting her pick the tab or you will be a glorified boyfriend while the real man will be somewhere doing the main ‘.’

But I also want to find out from you guys: must a man pay for everything a lady wants?