Here we go:

1. Stop allowing other people to tell you what you need to do. This is your life and the choices you make are yours to make. If you mess it up, it’s your mistake, but at least, it’s you messing it up and not some other schmuck.

2. Learn to appreciate and to maintain your home. The physical world you surround yourself with, the material things that take up space and the way they are arranged, does affect you on a subconscious level. If you want to learn to control your world, start with the things closest to you, the things that won’t push back.

3. Give up the people or activities that don’t benefit you. If they aren’t beneficial, then they are wasteful. Time is a commodity, which no one can afford to waste.

4. Never allow anyone to talk you down. Once you allow people to place you beneath them, they’ll expect that you stay there.

5. If you’re interested in her, let her know. Things do, sometimes, fall into place, but only if some outside factor pushes the first domino. If she won’t, you’ll have to.

6. If it turns out she isn’t interested in you, just move on, my guy. Life is short and shouldn’t be wasted on highly improbable outcomes. There is always another woman.

7. See the world in black and white. That’s not to say that shades of grey don’t exist, but they’re rare. The fact is, we like to imagine things as grey matter in order to avoid making difficult decisions that we recognize as inevitable. If it’s not right, assume it’s wrong.

8. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed into raping a woman. What is the use trying to push your Johnny into a struggling bottle? You won’t even enjoy it and you gain a 21 year holiday in the gulag.

9. Stop forgetting what purpose you had in mind when you woke up this morning. No more wasting your days, - not a single one. Name your purpose in life and look to fulfill it every day from the second you open your eyes.

10. Stop making new friends who aren’t useful in one way or another. You likely already have plenty of friends in your life. You don’t need more than a handful of supportive friends to count on. Work on maintaining the relationships you have invested in for years, rather than looking for new bonds.

11. Cut off the friends that have had a negative impact on your life. If they’ve negatively impacted your life and reinforced poor habits, they’re hurting you. Friends shouldn’t hurt you; if they do, they aren’t good friends and you don’t need them in your life.

12. Learn to focus on what’s important. Prioritize and constantly remind yourself of what matters to you. If you don’t remind yourself of the important things in life on a regular basis, you’ll forget what you’re living for. Let go of the petty matters.

13. Stop believing that good things will fall at your feet. If you don’t put in the effort, the work and the focus to attain your goals and get what you want from life, then get used to wasting your life away.

14. Learn to lie. Lying is not a skill that you should revert to on the regular. If you find yourself becoming somewhat of a pathological liar, then you’re doing something wrong. Ask yourself why you can’t face the truth. On the other hand, lying well could possibly save your life one day. Lying also helps you steer clear of any unwanted situations.

15. Start engaging in greater physical activity. You don’t have to run on a treadmill like some hamster on a wheel, but when it comes down to it, you are, quite frankly, an animal. Animals need to maintain physical activity in order to maintain both peak physical and mental performance.

16. Speak up and be heard. No matter how brilliant you are, if no one hears what you have to say, you won’t make a difference.

17. Don’t work more; work more efficiently. Figure out new ways to complete tasks faster without having to sacrifice output quality.

18. Look people in the eyes when you speak to them. Forget cell phones, laptops and tablets. Hold conversations face-to-face and genuinely listen. Let the people you connect with know that you respect their opinions and recognize their acknowledgment of yours.

19. Keep in better touch with your elders. Let’s face the facts: The eldest individuals in our lives have the least amount of time left on this world out of anyone. Keep in better contact with your elders and appreciate them while they’re still around. Hopefully you won’t be forgotten when you’re older, either.

20. Accept responsibility for all of your actions. If you aren’t proud of something you did, admit to it and remember your remorse the next time you find yourself considering the same decision. Make up for your mistakes when possible and after that, remove it from your mind.

21. Strike at least one task off your bucket list. You may live to 100 years old, and you may not. There’s no reason to wait until you’re nearly dead to start living the way you’ve always wanted. Your bucket list is more than just a to-do list; it’s a way-to-live list. Cross things off as regularly as possible. You’ll always find new things to add to it.

22. Don’t hit a woman. No matter the level of provocation, do not hit a woman. Real men respect women, and so should you. The best you can do is to avoid going into any altercation with them. Remember that women are abused not just by the actions some men opt to take, but also by the inaction that the rest settle for.

23. Pay your taxes. Maybe the government isn’t spending the money exactly the way it should be, but even if it royally screwed things up, the fact is that things are screwed up and something has to be done about it. Think of what you can do for your country and not what it can do for you.

24. Most importantly, if you say you are going to do something, then get off your ass and do it. There are always excuses - always. Find reasons for taking action and don’t even consider a single reason not to. Men get things done. Talking the talk without walking the walk is for boys.