According to a report in MyZimbabwe, a 34-year-old Bindura woman has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment after being convicted of raping her 15-year-old step-son.

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The woman was charged with aggravated indecent assault, after she allegedly forced herself on the teenager while her husband was away. In the process of the sexual assault, the young man had bruises on his penis, the court heard.

The incident, the court heard, happened on September 16 this year, when the woman badged into the boy's room, carrying a condom and urged the boy to have sex with her. But when he refused, she was said to have overpowered him and forcefully had sex with him.

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The Bindura regional Magistrate, William Bhila, however, suspended six years from the woman's sentence after indicating the case was rare and there was no likelihood the convict would repeat such a heinous act.

"This is an unusual case. We are used to hearing about men who rape female minors. Normally a dog bites a man and not a man biting a dog.

The fact that now, a man is biting a dog, it's news. Now the fact that the accused is a female, a step-mother for that matter, who forced her son to have it's news now.

This is an unusual case and I do not think it is necessary to send the accused to prison for a very long time; it is unusual and it is not that prevalent. But this does not detract from the fact that the accused (the woman) must go to prison. Maybe there are some like-minded women as the accused, they must desist from it.

I have seen the woman is of delinquent character. Even the accused's husband, who is the complainant's father, seems to fear the accused person. If the complainant's father so feared his wife, what more of this little boy?" the magistrate remarked.