There is no greater male-female duo in music than the majesty of Juju music,

The two music legends classic record

The song was the product of a government and NGO initiative to discourage young Nigerians from pre-marital sex. Wait for Me was a smash hit upon its release.

The momentous collaboration has lasted for decades and also the rumour that KSA was dating the Elegant Stallion around this time when they made the record.

In interviews in 2016, KSA still has to refute the claims that he was not dating Onyeka Onwenu.

"So we recorded the song as call and response, it was a pure gimmick and the fans bought it, it led to a lot of rumours that made the song big. But In reality, Onyeka is my colleague, my sister and a good woman. I never had a crush on her, we play together on stage every time" KSA said in an exclusive interview with THE NET in September 2016.

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At the time the song was recorded King Sunny Ade was a global sensation with his mesmerizing synths and poly-rhythms and Onyeka Onwenu was the number one music diva in Nigeria. In today's pop climate, it would be equivalent of a Drake and Rihanna collabo.

Since their epic work together, no Nigerian music couple has captivated us like the King and the Elegant Stallion. As a matter of fact, music couples have been few and far in between. The latest on the block on the scene is Nigerian rapper Falz and cute singer Simi.

In the pantheon of music couples, King Sunny Ade and Onyeka Onwenu are Jay Z and Beyonce- the supreme couple. Their love story is one that played out in our minds more than on the pages of newspapers. Still, we love them as the mummy and daddy of music.