Justin Bieber has had enough from his nagging neighbours in Calabasas-Los Angeles and that’s why there are rumours that the "Boyfriend" singer may be packing out of that neighbourhood for good!

According to gossip site, TMZ, "sources connected with the singer say the egging incident and the sheriff’s raid on Bieber's home were the final straw. He’s been confirmed to be talking about listing the house and getting out of the neighbourhood."

This is interesting because, as we reported yesterday, singer Toni Braxton just got a $3 million home by Bieber over the weekend. However, it’s also been mentioned that Keyshawn Johnson [Bieber’s neighbour] just sold his nearby estate to Kourtney Kardashian; although he says it has nothing to do with Bieber.  As you know, Keyshawn has had multiple run-ins with Bieber and his bodyguards at The Oaks. Are both running from each other or is this just a coincidence?There is no doubt that Justin’s neighbours, especially the one he is in a bitter feud over egging his home, will be super thrilled.  It's the same neighbor Justin allegedly spit on and threatened to kill.There is still no knowledge about where Justin is thinking of moving to, but it seems pretty clear - no more suburban living!

Justin was spotted Tuesday heading back to L.A from Panama after shooting a new video for his song Confident and having a serious sit-down with manager, Scooter Braun, his mom and mentor Usher. He’s also due for court over his DUI charges in Miami on February 14.

Hope he can find some confidence after this bizarre two weeks of extreme torture from fans, media and the police!