The Lagos State Police Command have arrested a group of men, five in number, who allegedly raped a model in Lagos.

These suspects, Ugochukwu Eso, Obinna Gabriel, Chinedu Ezechukwu, Akubu Eze, Nnadozie and Godwin Balogun, committed the crime around Agege, a popular place in Lagos.

In their confession, the suspects told the police that they used a magic voice application to perpetrate their evil act, also stating that they have no female in their team.

The application allows them to sound like a woman as they try to set a trap for their preys.

According to Vanguard News, one of the suspects disguised as an Instagram user with the profile name, Veevee, deceived the victim by saying he is a graduate from Coventry University, England, with plans to start a clothing line.

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An arrangement to meet the parents of Veevee was made, prompting the model to visit Agege based on their agreement.

It was at this point that the rape occurred.

The victim alleged that the men beat her and took turns to sleep with her, thereafter demanded a sum of N2m ransom for her release.