An angry mob in Udu, Delta State, has burnt to death a woman who reportedly pretended to be mad.

She was caught with human parts as well as a corpse on Saturday, January 27, 2018, according to reports.

A Facebook user, Davis Eugene reported in a post how the event inspired furious reactions.

He added a word of caution aimed at protecting young people from the grasp of ritualists who engage in fetish dealings.

"The society will live in today is full with evil people because of the hugger of money, I want to make it big...

"Not everybody you see in the street are called mad people, some act as mad people to carryout their evil deeds.. There is a saying that every day for the thief one day for the own.

"At Ekete inland junction in Udu local government area of delta state this mad woman was caught using humans parts as ritual.

"My advice for the public mentor the movement of your children most especially those primary and secondary ones," Eugene expressed on Facebook.

A witness who spoke to The Nation News disclosed that the deceased aroused suspicion due to a strange behaviour observed by people living in the community.

This prompted them to investigate the lunatic's lodge where they found the corpse of a young female.

“When some of the people who were burning refuse observed she was behaving strangely, they went on to look into her hut and to their surprise they saw a fresh corpse of a young girl and other human parts.

“This made the people to raise the alarm and suspecting that she might have been in this sort of business for a very long time, people got angry and seized her,” says the witness who preferred not to be revealed.

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She was discovered when members of the community were embarking on a sanitation exercise according to reports.