Can fish really increase sperm the quality and quality of sperm? Joan On Sex takes up three pertinent questions from our audience and aids in reaching to some diligent responses . Read, Learn...and comment.

What type of food can I eat to have more sperm?

Ola Lemon, Ishoo lagos

Dear Ola,

It’s very important to stay healthy so as to have a healthier sperm count. Eating the right food is also very important to this effect and many couples who have problems in conceiving suffer from low sperm count.

I managed to get some required food that result to better quality and quantity of sperm in a man. First of all, some Vitamins are very important like; Vitamin E, C, B12 and B9. The foods you need to consume more often must have these Vitamins and they include: Corn, olives, leafy vegetables, nuts, vegetable oils, strawberries, and oranges.

Foods containing folic acid or Folate also play a great role and they include: bread/wheat, prawns, beans & legumes, citrus fruits and juices, poultry, pork, shellfish and liver. The consumption of FISH is also very vital to sperm increment in a man.

However, from a Harvard University study, researchers have proven that bacon, sausages, hamburgers, ham and other processed meats decrease the sperm count whereas white fish improves sperm.

Dr. Myriam Afeiche, from the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, said that their study showed that processed meat intake was associated with lower semen quality and fish was to higher semen quality.

Hello JoanI met my first man at the age of 19, when I was a virgin. He loved me so much and promised to marry me. He treats me good and teaches me Good things I should know. I Love him too. For this reason, I trust him & let him disvirgin me.I later travelled to the states and left him still in Nigeria...jobless (still looking for job). Now I’m facing challenges, I've pressure from men over here in the States, all talking about marriage. I am confused because my man in Nigeria still loves me. It’s just that he has nothing doing for now and we are far away from each other and stuffs like that. What do you think I should do in order to take these men out of my life and get focused to him in Nigeria.

What is your advice because I don't wanna loose him because that would hurt him and his family....They Love me so much. Thanks

Okuma Nnenna, USA

Dear Nnenna,

I truly appreciate your love for the guy in Nigeria and it’s not a bad thing to continue to hope that you guys get back together. But i also have to be honest by saying that both of you still don’t know for how longer you’d be apart or if he will finally get a job.

From your letter, you ain’t getting younger and you really want to settle down but the question is can you wait much longer? Also, you said, ‘I don’t want to lose him because that would hurt him and his family’, what about you? How come he still hasn’t found a job in busy Nigeria over the years you have been separated or why not the option of him meeting you in the States or vice versa?

I know a woman hardly forgets or fall out of love with the man who disvirgins her but in this case, if that meeting won’t take place in a year or two, I would suggest each of you move on with your lives. Time waits for no one. Except you are really bent on marrying this man in Nigeria, then it may be a great love story.

Take some time off and ask yourself the right and honest questions: What if we never get to meet again, what if the embassy refuses to grant him visas, what if all we have is pity and lust? Etc. Once you can answer all of those, then you would make your ‘right decision’. Until then, good luck.

Hello Joan. Great job you are doing with "Joan On Sex". Thank you. I'm 17 years old and have a problem which to me isn't small... I have been spending many hours with a girl recently. Are we a couple once we kiss?

Daniel, Calabar - Nigeria

Dear Daniel,

I have to disappoint you because it's not quite that simple. The first kiss is certainly a significant moment for many couples, but if something serious follows from that then it’s really a different matter. There are people who meet for weeks and even sleep with each other but still would not say that they are a couple.

Pay attention to how the girl reacts towards you. If she reacts positively to your gestures, tries to be closer to you and takes the initiative herself at times, these are positive and significant signs.

But even then, you have to resign yourself to the fact that not everything is clear and unambiguous. If you have a good feeling, you might consider to ask this small question: "If someone asked me now if we were a couple – would I say yes then?"

But I have to tell you very clearly that I myself don't like fixed utterances. They can also go wrong. You should rather listen to your emotions and say something spontaneously that actually feels good for you in that moment.

Thanks for all the mails guys. Keep on sending, I will try to respond to each of them as the weeks go by. However, keep sending your mails to .Stay blessed.