Last month we brought you the scoop about Jack Daniel's 150th anniversary.

All you have to do is join Jack Daniel's Barrel Hunt, a global scavenger hunt that will unite Friends of Jack across the world. Two barrels will be placed in secret locations in Lagos for the scavenger hunt!

The best part? Barrel Hunt winners from Nigeria will get the authentic Jack Daniel’s barrel they find along with a travel ticket to experience the 150 anniversary celebration.

To participate in the scavenger hunt, keep your eyes glued to the Jack Daniel’s Facebook page all the information you need about the barrel hunt will be released on the Facebook Page.

To participate in the barrel hunt you must have the following:

1.     At least a 6months valid International Passport with a minimum of 2 vacant passport pages.

2.     6 month’s bank statement

3.     Proof of Employment or Business

4.     Must be 21 years or over.

Your friends at Jack Daniel’s remind you to drink responsibly.