A couple who have been married for 76 years, and in all that time working and going everywhere together, have been reported to have died within 3 days of each other.

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Phyllis and Miles Higgin had according to reports, met at a dance in 1933, while Phyllis had been 15 years old.

Phyllis and Miles had later gotten married in 1939 and since that time, had only been separate from each other when Miles went off to war.

The couple had worked side by side, running separate pubs and upon retirement, would take long walks together as well as their dog, 3-4 times each day.

Phyllis and Miles eventually fell ill, insisting on sharing a double room together at their care facility in Burnley, Lancs.

According to the family accounts, Phyllis had died at the age of 97, with Miles following suit 3 days later at the age of 99.

Loved ones close to the couple had revealed that they had expected Miles to die first but believed "he waited for her to die, he didn't want to leave her alone."

The only child of the couple, Angela Hartley, aged 66, paid a touching tribute to her parents' wonderful love story.

Speaking with Daily Mirror, Mrs Hartley said:

"They would holiday together, shop together, walk together. They did absolutely everything together. They didn't spend any time apart. They never talked of having a secret to their marriage but would always talk things through and would do everything together. At the end of the day they just loved each other very much. They would sit together holding hands all day long and my dad would be constantly telling staff that he loved her. He had the staff in tears all the time."

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Hartley revealed how her parents had shared a double room at the Abbey Grange Care Home for 19 months and had been loved by the care staffs.