A senior police officer with the Zimbabwean Police Authority,

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The Chronicle reports that Mandiwanza was disgraced, given the beating of his life and handcuffed after he was caught with the 19-year-old woman identified as Medline Makonese.

It was learnt that Mandiwanza had enticed the woman who is also a police Constable working directly under him, to a house in Hwiru in Mpandawana and had sex with her.

Sergeant Mandiwanza was allegedly trailed by other officers after someone tipped Makonse's husband, by a group of police officers to the house and when he was nabbed, he was frog marched to the station in the disgraceful state.

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Makonse's husband, Constable Brian Chikono, however said he is not allowed to talk about the incident by his superiors, only saying he has left the matter to God to judge.

“I leave the matter to God. I can’t talk to you I am not allowed,” said Chikono.