Even as couple wed every day and exchange symbols of love such as rings and in some cases bibles, this couple have broken every rule in their wedding.

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The wedding which took place in Northeast China saw the young couple not only exchange wedding vows but snakes too.

During their wedding ceremony held in Jinlin city of Jilin province on Friday, September16, Wu Jianfeng, the groom, gave a 30-kg male Burmese python to the bride, Jiang Xue Friday who reciprocated with a 15-kg female Burmese python, China Daily reports.

According to the reports, the couples are animal rights activists who have bred various rare species of reptiles amongst other species such as  spiders, lizards, pythons and birds.

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They have also been responsible for the rescuing of wounded animals on various occasions. The Burmese python is one of five largest species of snakes in the world.