I am starting a 47 days fasting to make sure I achieve my desires. They must not escape from this anger of mine and other Nigerians who are being taken for granted by those boys. Who do they think they are by the way?

When they are about to bring out an album, they will make sure we all buy their albums, even if they sing nonsense. But when they want to do something, they take it away from the ordinary masses because they think we are not good enough for them. We are not fools guys and they should stop taking us for granted.

I am sure you are wondering why I am so angry at those guys. Well, look at this: when Peter wanted to do his traditional marriage to LolaOmotayo, they made the event so tight that their ordinary fans could not attend. Imagine making an invitation card with a security code just so that you and I will not get access into the venue.

That to me smells of high handedness and not appreciating their fans. And now, they have announced that they are going to Dubai in April to get married to their baby mamas.

What is wrong with those guys? What is the craze for taking weddings to another man’s country? Is it Dubai that they put their albums into when they release them? Is it Dubai people that buy the albums? Is it Dubai people that squeeze themselves like sardine just to watch their shows? Are they saying they can’t get married in Nigeria so that their fans can attend and felicitate with them?

That was the same thing that 2FaceIdibia did when he took his wedding to Dubai last year and I can tell you, he really got lots of his fans angry with him and he had to tender an apology. I know you will say it is their money they are wasting but that is not the point I making here.

My point is that they are not being fair to their long suffering fans who would have longed to attend and witness their double wedding.

My advice for them is that the next time they are releasing an album, they should better take it to Dubai because I am going to mobilize people to boycott such album in the future.