So my first port of call had to be the OtaFarm to dialogue with Chief (Dr.) Gen. OlusegunAremuMatthewObasanjo, or better put, UncleSege, Nigeria’s former Military Head of State and later, civilian president. You know the man is a good friend of mine and I have visited the AnimalFarm, sorry, the farm for animals, several times to dialogue with him, especially on sensitive national issues.

This is like my seventh visit to the farm and Baba has always been in a good mood but this time around, I was shocked to meet Uncle in a very foul mood and I knew I had to tread softly so as not to get a taste of his ‘

In case you do not know, Baba’s ‘ is so tough that you could become food for his pigs.

So a note of warning here: if you meet UncleSege in a wrong mood, please do well to give him room.

Like I said, Baba was fuming and you could see smoke billowing out of his ears, a sign that he was furious. As I was ushered into his presence, I prostrated before the Lord of the Manor, hoping he will not unleash on me.

He did not waste time at all. No pleasantries, no banters or chitchats like he is wont to. He was angry and you could see it in his bloodshot eyes.

It was apparent Baba had taken a large amount of ‘, tapped fresh from one of the numerous palm trees that dot his farm.

I looked up and there comes this man mountain and I knew my own has finished. I had to force myself to wake up from the nightmare staring at me.