Meet 'Ogbanje Cats' who can open tins, knock on doors, play hide and seek

These Cats are shown to be extraordinary brilliant and talented.

It is estimated that nearly 25% of cats in North America are declawed.

In a research done by a book titled Cat IQ Test by E.M. Bard, cats are shown to be extraordinary brilliant and talented.

Meet Pinky, a Feline Einstein who is a professional at tracking down food

Pinky can open zips, she can climb a 5ft high cupboard for food, she is an ogbanje and she is incredible.

Meet Honey who loves to play hide and seek

Honey is described by her owner as very clever. She loves miaowing along to all kinds of music and pounces on everything.

She play games all the time and she is perfect at playing hide and seek.

Meet Moggie, who knocks on the door and opens the door by herself.

She knocks on the door by herself, and she can stand on her hind legs for more than five seconds.

Meet Milly Moos, who loves going to school

Milly Moos has walked with Victoria Dutton and her son William to school every day for the last 18 months.


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