This family were stunned when they saw an alien flying in the skies above their home in Darwin, Australia.

Quentin Theron, 40, said his two kids, Kylie, 14, and Georgia, 8, were in the pool at their Coconut Grove home when they yelled out they could see something shining about 6pm Monday.

The footage appears to show a glowing flat disc-shaped object hovering amongst the clouds

One of the children can he herd asking: "What the hell is that?"

Someone expains: "It's a giant rock coming towards the earth."

While the youngsters enquires: "Is this rare?

Australian astronomer Geoff Carr told NT News even he was baffled by the photo of the object.

“I can only suggest a high altitude military jet with its afterburner on,” he said.

“Other than that it looks too slow to be a piece of space junk re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

But Mr Carr who has been an astronomer for more than 20 years and operates his own Star Safaris business stopped short of claiming that the UFO was alien.

“It is unidentified, flying and an object, but I don’t think it is of alien origin,” he said.

“Other than that I have no idea – it’s certainly an interesting piece of footage.”

This incredible footage followed a claim that an alien-like creature was spotted in the deep sea.

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