A beautiful and incredible picture has gone viral after a boy was spotted scrolling through his phone and showing it to a gorilla.

The pair shared a special bond as they settled down into a corner, both leaning up against the glass as they looked through the gallery of pictures together.

The primate was clearly intrigued by the mobile device as the boy flicked through pictures of other gorillas, pressing each image up against the glass cage so the animal could take a proper look.

Around them several interested zoo visitors take pictures as they marvel at the special bond between the two.

The amazing footage was shared on YouTube by Paul Ross and has had a whopping 500k views since September 6.

Paul wrote in a comment: "Touched my heart seeing that kid being so kind and gentle with [the gorilla]. I think it was a special moment."

He added: "I had the luxury of interacting with the kid and his family, and watching the whole scene play out for about 20-30 minutes.

"The zoo also says that particular gorilla likes watching photos and videos on people's phones."

It is not clear where the clip was filmed, although it is thought to be at a zoo in the US.

Watch the interesting footage below.