The Kardshians have released their annual Christmas card which is a radical exodus from their pure and glamorous ensemble shot last year. This year, Kanye West’s favorite photographic auteur, David LaChapelle was hired and he set the family in a post-apocalyptic, chaotic casino which says more than just the picture.

The Kardashians portrait was tainted with strange but familiar symbols, secret messages and evocative imagery. UK’s DailyMail claims ‘the complicated scene is a muddle of intriguing narratives that suggest there’s a wry commentary on the nature of the reality family’s FAME at play; and perhaps even a message from the secret society, The Illuminati’.

It’s not clear but it definitely an alternative depiction of Christmas. Reports claim there aren't many families that would have David LaChapelle as the photographer of their yearly round robin for a start, let alone the extreme designer clothing involved and bizarre backdrop.

LaChapelle tries to tell a story of FAME in the pictures by making Kris Jenner take the victory pose with her hands touching the words 'fame’, ‘money' and 'Kardashians' which have been written out in graffiti on the top of the box office. This simply means that Kris has cynically marketed her family to obtain riches. The fact she's sitting in the box office even hints that she's personally sold the spectacle of their lives.

Kim Kardashian's face which arguably is the money machine's most prized commodity appears hauntingly on the counter beneath her mother's spike-heeled shoes and even runs all the way through the piece as a symbol of her ever presence in celebrity culture. LaChapelle also draws the viewer's attention to Kim's cleavage with an arrow, but then that could be satire relating to how she became famous and her sex appeal.

Next was the double appearance of the Illuminati pyramid and eye symbol at the background. One behind Kylie and Kendall Jenner and the other in the modern myth-making which probably represented baby North West who was exempted from the portrait like her dad, Kanye West, and Uncles Lamar Odom and Scott Disick. However, Bruce Jenner who stubbornly insisted on being in the picture was seen trapped in a glass case as he stirred at his gold medals from his past.

However the triangle and eye symbol are depicted in the Christmas card which is conspicuously free of any Christian festive symbols. Its presence - twice - has predictably whipped conspiracy theorists into a tizzy and is undoubtedly LaChappelle having fun with the concept of modern myth making. Last month, Kim unwittingly posted a collage of herself with best friend Brittny Gastineau in the Illuminati symbol of triangle and all-seeing eye she tweeted, 'What is the illuminate? A religion?...I'm a Christian. [Is this] A cult?...not into that sorry!'

Three male mannequins could easily signify Kanye, Lamar and Scott suggesting that all the men are slightly redundant in the oestrogen powered dynasty. It's just possible that LaChapelle is attempting to transform the Kardashian women into feminist icons for the 21st century.

But a viewing of their Christmas special showing the family prepares for the card suggests that the photographer's subtext is probably lost on his subjects, according to Daily Mail.

Well if you don't want to look too closely into all of this then, let's just say they all look very nice indeed. But was this Kardashians family portrait sweet or embarrassing?