A Russian music teacher, Yulia Simonova, has been caught on tape after she hired an hired assassin to torture and kill her 15-year-old student, Damian Vanya, after the boy called off their relationship, Daily Mail reports.

In the tape, Simonova, said telling a friend she was willing to pay $2,000 to have Vanya killed after he dumped her for a classmate.

But in twist, Simonova was introduced to an under-cover police officer whom she told she wanted Vanya to suffer before she 'finished' him.

She told the cop:

"You must really beat him up because I want him to suffer from unbearable pain. I want you to break his arms and legs but do not touch his face. Really attack and damage his kidneys because I want him to bleed out.

I want to see him in a really bad state and then to just say a few words to him that he will understand. Then we will finish him together."

The officer arrested Simonova as soon as money exchanged hands and charged her with attempted murder and she will now face 15 years in prison if convicted.