What more does Charles Okocha have to do? When will we all come together and give the man all the accolades he deserves?

Charles Okocha’s transition from accent-heavy Nollywood actor to Instagram icon happened too fast for many of us to really notice.

He showed us why this weekend.

In another one of his now popular skits, IgweTupac traumatised a few unlucky young men, hopped on someone’s car and told us a few reasons why he deserves some accolades.

Dressed like an Italian professional golfer brought up in Port Harcourt, he stormed out the gates and ran down the streets while shouting, “You all should acknowledge me! I paid my dues”

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As of the time of writing this, the video has 131,000 views.

I’ve screamed, “I deserve some accolades !! ” at least 30 times today, at my friends, my colleagues and people I’ve never met before.

If that isn't virality, I don't know what it is.

"We globul, nicca"

While we discussed what dues Charles Okocha paid on our way to breakfast this morning, a colleague mentioned that “a lot changed after he was shot. A man was shot and Igwe Tupac was born”.

A few years ago, the actor known as Charles Okocha was reportedly shot five times by a drunk policeman while attending a function in Nnewi, Anambra State.

His persona as a returnee Igbo Prince had already debuted on the small screen by then, but not long after, Igwe Tupac, the parody, was born.

Months after a botched surgery put the actor's life at risk, a video emerged of him having what seemed to be a meltdown on Instagram. Btween sobs and tears, he would mutter "Amoshine when amoshine".

Thus, the Amoshine hashtag was born and Igwe Tupac became our favorite nuisance.

Charles Okocha lampoons the idea of Nigerians who are plagued by international exposure and the influence of American gangsta culture.

In his skits, the vocal gangsta interacts with regular Nigerians and mimics the behaviour you’d expect from someone who listens to too much rap music.

If Igwe Tupac already got on this path before, we have to offer tribute to his hypeman for taking it to the next level.

That guy is the friend you need when things finally look up and you need someone to help you remember you’re rich now.

Even though Charles Okocha can't stay calm in his short videos to save his life, the hypeman stands behind the camera and delivers what we can only call adlibs with the confidence of someone tutored by Diddy.

"Something just happened right now..."

Nigerian comedy on Instagram has experienced a major boom in the last half decade. The first generation, led by Chief Obi, Fox and others, figured out a way to squeeze relatable scenarios into one minute skits on a platform that was quickly becoming popular.

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Nowadays, faces like Maraji, CrazeClown and LasisiElenu are pop culture phenomena, followed in the hundreds of thousands and getting paid in six figures to use their skills and help brands reach their fans.

A few of these have already taken the next step to mass media, appearing in music videos and snagging cameos in Nollywood productions. There’s already talk about getting the more successful of them to feature in their own shows and movies.

We need to appreciate these guys more.

Charles Okocha has completely reinvented himself to suit the times. He’s launched a semblance of a music career since, become a viral sensation and one of the most-sought-after personalities on the gram.

This, after years of wadling through the murky waters and non-existent plots of Nollywood in the 2000s.

The man shouldn’t have to ask us to acknowledge him. Sure, Charles Okocha hasn’t gone worldwide and we still need to know if JAY-Z and Drake care about the guy.

But give him what he deserves. The man does deserve some accolades.