The 2012 Rolls Royce was only just released into the international market, and has been getting great reviews from automobile pundits. It will interest to you know that his majesty has a fleet of Rolls Royces' in his garage as he had also acquired one 2009 when he turned 75. Chief Igbinedion is known to be very wealthy, as he has chains of businesses which span across all sectors of the economy. He is the chairman/Group Managing Director of Okada Group of Companies; however his worth is yet to be ascertained.

Well if you don’t know what the 2012 Rolls Royce Phantom looks like, see the pictures above and below, but remember the one he got was customized so it’s got to be even better!

[caption id=«attachment_9696» align=«alignnone» width=«491» caption=«The 2012 Rolls Royce Phantom»][/caption]

[caption id=«attachment_9693» align=«alignnone» width=«480» caption=«Front interior»][/caption]

[caption id=«attachment_9694» align=«alignnone» width=«480» caption=«Back interior»][/caption]

Now that's a ride for royalty!