A Danfo (commercial bus) driver, took his protest a little bit too far after he stripped himself naked to prevent officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, (LASTMA), from

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Knowing that he would have to part with a huge amount of money to pay for the towing van as well as recover his vehicle, the driver threw caution to the wind and pulled off all his clothes and dared the officials to tow his vehicle away as he was ready to die instead.

Apparently, the erring driver was arrested by officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) for some infraction when the LASTMA officials drove over with their towing van and attempted to impound the man's vehicle.

Not wanting that to happen, the driver took off his clothes and sat in front of his bus, screaming at the LASTMA officials that he was arrested by the FRSC officials and they had no right to tow his vehicle.

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"You can't impound my bus, I was arrested by FRSC officials. Kilode? (What is it) How can Road safety arrest me and you want to tow my bus? You want me to go and pay double money? You will not toe my vehicle unless you kill me," the angry man kept saying.

At a point, the officials of the two traffic bodies had to beg him to put on his clothes back. It was not immediately known if they had succeeded in impounding the man's bus or not but that was one extreme measure.

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