Remember the short video of hurt bae that was all over the internet a few weeks ago? Well, the naija version is out, and its totally hilarious.

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In this hilarious naija version of hurt bae, EmmaOMG casting as the the guy seem to be very unromantic about the girl's feelings as opposed to what the lady actually wanted.

As if that it wasn't enough, he refused marrying her after seven good years of dating. Trust naija girls, they wont take no for an answer. Check out her hilarious response which got us all laughing our asses out especially when our honourable senator Dino Melaye got dragged into it.

You know, all thanks to Melaye, Nigerians now have a multi purpose song, Ajekun iya. We could literally use it to address any kind of situation. And of course, in this kind of situation, it totally fits.

Watch funny video.