It is no news that human trafficking is now a global issue. Several cases where girls would be lured into prostitution in foreign countries. This is the case of

Osakwe who now suffers from a broken hip told DW, that a family friend deceived her parents that she had a study and work opportunity for her(Osakwe) in Russia.

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She promised Osakwe that she would sponsor the fees of her travelling documents and visa, but Osakwe would pay back in five or six months from what she would make at a supermarket.

The family friend told Osakwe that all she has to pay after the speculated time was $40,000, and then she gets to keep the rest for herself.

Being from a poor family in the Southern part of Nigeria, Osakwe hurriedly accepted the offer not knowing she was just another case of trafficking.

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On getting to Russia, there was no supermarket job, no school; all she was told were lies!

The only guaranteed job was prostitution!

Being a source of livelihood Osakwe continued to work as prostitute until the day things took a bitter twist.

Just like the normal days, Osakwe went for a job where she was expecting to meet only one sex client; on getting to the venue, she met eight of them.

She refused to have sex with the eight of them and disagreed on sleeping with them without the use of condom.

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The men tried to force her to sleep with them, but she when refused, they beat, molested, took their money back and threw her down from the fourth floor.

Osakwe broke her hips; she spent two days on life support and was discharged after being unable to pay her bills. Osakwe now unable to work might be on wheel chairs for life.

Kenny Kehinde, who works with several Moscow NGOs focused on preventing human trafficking explained that it was not an uncommon story as modern day slavery in can be found in several countries.

"This is international modern--day slavery, where the girls are brought here with the help of some Russian government officials, some Nigerian authorities and so-called 'madams' [pimps] who exploit these girls for sex in Russia," said Kehinde.

Osakwe who has now returned home to Nigeria said that although her family are not so happy about her returning home in a wheel chair, but she has learnt her lessons.

She advised young girls to stay in their country to study and make their country better, so as not to be lured by traffickers.

‘It is not worth the sufferings,’ she added.